A gas station between Ottawa and Montreal



Me Me

Members of Computational Geometry Lab celebrate after Yihui Tang's successful PhD defense: Jit Bose, Paz Carmi, Yihui Tang, Stefanie Wuhrer, Anil Maheshwari, Michiel Smid, John Howat, Daming Xu, Dan Chen, and me.

My father and me

Me, Jit Bose (my thesis advisor) and Godfried Toussaint (Jit's thesis advisor) at my wedding

Me, Vida Dujmovic and Godfried Toussaint in Lethbridge
© 2002, Tom Shermer

Me at work

David Wood, me and Jit Bose in Barbados

Me and John Iacono in Barbados

Me, in Kyoto, with a toothache

Henk Meijer, Sergei Bereg, Me, David Rappaport, Jit Bose, and John Iacono in Kanezawa

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The same gas station

"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?" - Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)