COMP4804: Algorithms II

Course Outline

This is an advanced course about the design and analysis of algorithms. The main topics covered in this course are:

Important Dates

Notice/New: Final exam Part I is on Tuesday April 4th, not the date originally posted.

Tue Feb 14 Mid-term exam (in class)
Thu Mar 9 No class
Tue Apr 4 Final exam part I/Assignment 4
Thu Apr 6 Final exam part II

Office Hours

Notice: Alina has extra office hours Wednesday March 22 from 10:00-12:00.

Alina Shaikhet Tuesday 10:00–11:30
Pat Morin Thursday 10:30–11:30 (or by appointment)

Alina also has an extra two hours of office hours on the days assignments are due.


All assignments should be put in the assignment dropbox labelled COMP4804 in HP 3115.

Grading Scheme

Assignments 40%
Mid-term exam 20%
Final exam 40%


There is no formal textbook for this course. I will add reading material here soon.

Lecture topics

The notes here are created by me when preparing for class. I do appreciate it if you point out any errors you find in them.